Alluring, Educated & Creatively Clever Australian Dominatrix touring Cairns 13-15 March

Contact me on : 0492248209

**CAIRNS TOUR 13th - 15th March 2021**

Experienced Australian Dominatrix, trained in the sciences of psychology, neurology, sociology and human sexual physiology.


  • Sensory Domination

  • Mental Domination (mindfuck)

  • Hypnokink

  • Slave Conditioning

  • Degradation

  • Feminisation

  • Goonspace Training

  • Strap-on Slut Training

  • Post Orgasm Torture

  • Premajure Ejaculation Recovery

I don’t perform sexual acts, nor do I strip (not even  topless) so please don’t ask as refusal may offend.

I offer domination, including the “extreme” things most girls don’t have the guts to carry out from start to finish. I do these things with finesse and grace and I do it without batting an eyelid.

Such as:

  • Humiliate and degrade you (e.g. make you lick toilets, hold your head in the bowl while making you endure the highly sought  “royal flush”, stick my fingers down your throat, drag you through your own sick, make you eat, lick, chew, gargle and swallow disgusting, filthy things)

  • Cane you, whip you. Kick the crap out of you, beat you to a pulp.

  • Punish your cock and/or balls (e.g slamming in doors, drawers, car boot, hood etc, or stick things in your peehole, give you rope burn before making you jerk off with menthol rub)

  • Force you to yummy down on cock-shaped objects, fuck your face, make you feel like an emasculated little bitch.

  • Have you crossdress as I feminise you and transform you into an obedient, lingerie-loving, dirrrty little sissy whore

  • Weaken you, brainwash you, turn your mind upside down and inside out, induce the kind of sensory overload that renders you completely and utterly powerless

  • Cage you. Tantalise you. Subject you to the cruelty of tease and denial (and maybe even leave you locked and leaking, with swollen blue balls.)

  • Goon your brains out, make you stupid for me

  • Manipulate you, use you for my own amusement and pleasure and then dispose of you like a trash whore, a dirty, used band aid

  • Objectify you, milk you over and over. Transform you into my personal cum cow, or my human ottoman, coffee table or other object as I see fit.

  • Fuck your slut holes, make you my fuckmeat

Mind Control/Mindfuck Experiences:

On the softer end of the bdsm scale, I offer a wide range of erotic hypnosis and transformation programs.  Effects can be temporary, or lasting and can be tailored to meet individual interests.

I mentor both submissive and non-submissive folk. More often lately, I help sufferers of premature ejaculation problems. In just one hour I can teach you a range of tried, tested and proven techniques that will enable you to master control of your load and overcome the problem once and for all. You will takeaway a new skill for life that will see you enjoying longer lasting sex while pleasing the women you want to keep in your bed. Note that while I do consider reasonable requests to take off my “domme hat” while teaching you PE control, this should not be interpreted as weakness or willingness to “service you”. You are paying for my extensive knowledge and expertise in overcoming a problem associated with male sexual physiology, while you jerk off in my presence. If you want pink bits hire an escort, please.

*Appointment only. For outcalls you must be located within 5km of cairns centre or a 25% deposit may be required**

Call or message me on 0492248209 with the details of your request.


  From To
05:00 PM 11:59 PM
02:15 PM
03:15 PM
05:00 PM 11:59 PM
05:00 PM 11:59 PM

Rates From

  In-calls Outcalls
15 min $- $-
30 min $- $-
45 min $- $-
1 hr $450 $300
1.5 hr $570 $420
2 hr $690 $540
3 hr $900 $750