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It seems my 100% pure love of everything that I offer to my beloved subs and slaves is being felt and appreciated to no end.
After the completion of my aromatherapy course, the massage coupled with a seriously kinky & twisted ending session is a definite "treat" and a winner with all who have indulged in the absolute luxury of my hands on essential oil massage.
My submissive clients afterwards say it is the best massage they have had for years, not to mention the happiness you will feel at the end with the result of your very own tailor made twisted and kinky ending.
Things you have:
100% pure essential oils blended into a quality carrier oil.
Things you may or may not choose:
Lube, gloves, strap on, harness and choices for size in dildos to stretch arse holes in need, condoms to keep the toys in a sterile healthy zone, electrical violet wand, electro-pads, sounds, elec-sound, non permant piercings, golden shower, body worship,butt plugs, cross-dressing, financial domination, SLAVE training , collar, leash, ankle & wrist cuffs, blind fold, whip, strap, flogger, nipple clamps, ball gag, cock gag, bondage ropes, cock collar & leash, sissy slut training.
Smothering with both my EE breasts and my %#£ arse
I then finished you off with the oldie but a goodie, the classic where you are kneeling in front of me on all fours like my good boy, then asks permission to cum
My property, oh! What is that?
Wow! Oh! Yes I hear the moans and sighs, your breathing gets faster, then I can feel it approaching. I hear the sound of inevitability arrive in front of me! You wish permission to cum??Ah!!!! That moment of intense relief and immense ecstasy when I grant you permission to do so, then it overwhelms you so much in that one incredible moment, you blow your load!!!!
It's a shame I made you cum into your own mouth?? Haha! Or something like that.
The moment that time & space allowed a mistress to dominate her sub in such a stylish & kinky manner has cum, & now it's time to begone.
$350 Hr
$600 2hrs
Dubbed by her industry peers “The Queen of Tease”.
Mistress Montez welcomes all kinky minded clients who may be familiar or new to the scene, yet very curious to experience something unique with a fem-dom mistress who commands your 100% attention or very quickly you'll find the naughty log in service for your sorry arse.
All the while you find consistent thru out your session, a balanced level of necessary punishment mixed in with some intense moments of heightened sexual pleasure.
Couples wishing to play and learn the art of seduction within a bdsm kinky mindspace will benefit from taking the mistress & master mentoring sessions. You will ideally learn techniques to practise and apply when in the mood for some kinky fun at home with your partner. To be able to apply slow but gradual hand spanks to your bare bottom with a focus of attention on how to intercept those blows with an equally pleasurable feeling will spice up your relationship to no end.
The possibilities of stories untold, orgasms yet to behold. You should never run out of ideas after you understand what is at your disposal. Once you learn the skills to create new and exciting combinations of bdsm play sessions, then how to use the many toys of a dungeon, mixed in with your own intimate sexual play together it will definitely make a huge difference in the connection shared in the bedroom. Bdsm is the kink that keeps the magic alive in many marriages and relationships nowadays and you are entitled like anyone to discover its many facets to experiment with in the physical, the mental and the spiritual aspect of a person. When you connect the three then and only then will you notice the psychological advantage you hold as a powerful tool. It's another dynamic that adds a new dimension to your play. Enquiries are most welcome to call and chat with Mistress Montez about the cost of mentoring inside a session of your fantasies yet unfulfilled. She loves to create sessions that are new and exciting, based on your personal desires.
Any pain sluts looking to delight at her temptuous sensual deliverance of blows to your arse may ask for your overdue punishment but then if you yearn for it so much how is it that you enjoy the pain so much. Some light pussy torture or cock ball torture will definitely arouse the secretions. Vaginal squirting requires focus and some fast direct action. She can train any man & woman wishing to learn the tricks to the success of this very wet yet incredibly sexy style of orgasm.. It’s something amazing to experience even if only the once, just for the fun of it, but once learned there's a life time of squirting in store for you both
To engage session with Mistress Montez is to be part of the process that includes your wildest fantasies come true.
Her warped and wicked toys have a place to be settled just awaiting your presence.
Mistress enjoys mentoring lifestyle sub and doms to help you onto the right path with the knowledge of many tricks of the trade for both sexes and how to make it work beautifully for you at home.
Mistress Elizabeth Lola Montez
?Is a supreme goddess in her own right, she is not interested in a masters' desires to control or dominate her.
She has a flirtatious spirit, significantly kinky with deep sensual erotic desires. She maintains herself in a manner of elegance and style.
She completed her training at The Dominas Realm Dungeons in Fitzroy, Melbourne, 2010. ?
?Mistress specializes in many areas, her favorite’s are as follows.

Kinky Fetish's of all types excite me as they do you. Some of the most common ones for example are boots, stiletto, foot, fur, tape, mummification, ?corporal punishment, electric play, needle play, breath play, urethral sounds, water-sports, bondage, mind games including blackmail. I’m sure there are many more of you out there who have a completely different fetish to any of the above, so hit me up. I’m confident i will love it as much as you do.
I love to dress in all types of feminine clothing. I have quite a range of corsetry in latex, leather and lace. I love my femininity, to wear lacy underwear with matching stockings, suspenders and bra, I also love wearing latex with matching underwear, it turns me on incredibly.
I love to be dressed impeccably; it excites my sexuality and stirs in me a woman who knows she has taken charge of her life, a Domina of her feminine existence in this crazy world we live.

?I delight in role-play scenarios that involve my creative mind. I revel in different and quirky.

Adult babies: you are so much fun to play with in the bath. Feeding time can be very erotic as I have size EE breasts I love them to be sucked and stimulated till I reach orgasm. I'm a nurturing and sensual mistress, but can also offer the strict stern nursemaid if that is your desire. All the fun things that go along with baby play are all part and parcel of your session. Whether I’m spanking naughty bottoms, washing dirty faces or blowing bubbles while baby plays in the bath. I take pride and great pleasure in all ways imaginable to create the best session that fulfils your wildest kinkiest dreams. ?
Dressing up boys as a la-femme with lacy stockings and suspenders turns me on too. To see you transform into a supreme sexual goddess like me before my very eyes, I will find myself desiring you on all levels with absolutely no way for you to control your thoughts, feelings, and feminine desires any longer. Whether you engage this willingly or to be forced feminized either way it’s going to happen.
If you wish I can humiliate you while in the process or perhaps not, just fantasizing and playing with each other as we discover the depths of our femininity together is what you most desire. I love spending hours playing sweet girlie dress up’s. Do you wish to be transformed into an elegant lady or a naughty, dirty, slut? I also enjoy wearing my strap on to show how a goddess uses her brains, beauty and cock to have you submit, willingly or not, to my delectable devious desires. ?

Bondage is another of my personal joys. It has the capacity to become such an erotic extension during sensual play between dominant and submissive that it becomes the hidden key to unlock many treasures that awaits you. Bound or gagged during a session? If that is something you'd like to experience let me tie the ropes. ?

Corporal punishment! I am more than pleased to dish out with much sadistic joy. Whipping, caning, flogging, spanking, paddling or the strap, take your pick. Better still leave it up to me to decide your worthiness of these beautiful tools of corporals’ creative expression.

?All naughty, nice, submissive or slaves can bathe in a warm golden shower or you may prefer to worship the shrine drinking golden nectar if that is your desire.

I also delight in puppy, or pony play. I have had many a fun afternoon horsing around with my pony, washing him thoroughly, checking his health with a full inspection and then if all is well, giving treats of such things as muesli bars an apple or a carrot before we saddle up for a long ride. It makes me feel more sexual when riding him bare back.

Mmmm! Perhaps playing with my puppy taking you out for a walk on the leash whilst obeying all my commands appeals to you more.
When you engage in a kinky session, anything is possible. If some subjects don’t appeal to you that is completely fine, you don’t have to engage in anything you don’t want to. It’s all up to you.
I can be contacted via email for further in-depth discussion over your personally tailored session.
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